Water Justice And Its Dynamic Links To Water Resource Management, Water Security And Conflict In Nigeria

Research Article

Author(s): Anita L Meldrum

Published: April 03, 2019     DOI: 10.33552/GJES.2019.01.000519

Abstract: Climate Justice Is A New Issue In Terms Of Its Aim To Resolve An Emerging And Very Complex Set Of Problems, Including Woman Empowerment, Health And Economic Development, Food And Poverty, Security And Conflict. In Addition, The Added Stressor Of Climate Change Is Exacerbating Deficiencies, Particularly In The Developing World. One Of The Key Components To Ensuring Climate Justice Is The Provision Of Safe And Reliable Water And Sanitation Services Which, As Agreed For The First Time By The UN Congress In 2010, Is A Basic Human Right And Forms Part Of SDG6.

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