The Integration Of The Sensorimotor System In Elderly Individuals: An Update

Research Article

Author(s): Ivelize Freire

Published: May 24, 2024     DOI: 10.33552/SJBLS.2024.03.000572

Abstract: This Update Is Aimed At The Sensorimotor System: Concepts, Anatomy, Relationship Between The Visual, Somatosensory And Vestibular Systems In A Context Aimed At The Elderly Population. The Sensorimotor System Has Great Integration With Such Systems Related To The Ability To Capture Sensory Information And Take It To The Central Nervous System. Consequently, Motor Responses Are Generated Both To Destroy Movements And To Seek Protection Mechanisms That Tend To Reduce The Risk Of Falls For The Elderly. The Presence Of Internal, External And Socioeconomic Factors Can Affect The Competence Of The Sensory System In Capturing Sensory Information. Such Conditions Can Compromise The Quality Of Life, Prognosis And Physical Functionality Of The Elderly, Making Them Less Active And Participative In Their Own Lives. In This Study, Due Importance Is Given To The Sensorimotor System, Presenting The Complexity That Exists In Its Function Of Capturing Information, Conducting Neuromotor Mechanisms And Providing The Biomechanical Dynamism Necessary For The Senile Body To Position Itself Favorably In Space.

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