Interpreting In The Public Sector In Denmark. A New Model For Certification And Education

Research Article

Author(s): Jens Erik Mogensen

Published: January 08, 2024     DOI: 10.33552/IJER.2023.02.000528

Abstract: In General, The Quality Of Public Interpretation In Denmark Is Very Uneven. Interpreting Is Often Performed By People Without Formal Qualifications Such As A Relevant Education. The Lack Of Professionalism And Quality Assurance Is Detrimental To Law And Order As Well As Patient Safety, And Both The Danish National Audit Office And The Danish Institute For Human Rights Have Sharply Criticized The Situation. The Article Proposes A New Quality Assurance Model With Certification And Research-based Education As Core Activities. The Model Addresses All Points Of Criticism And Aims To Solve The Current Problem.

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