Physical Analgesia And Functional Recovery In Hip And Knee Osteoarthritis: Rehabilitation Algorithms

Research Article

Author(s): Ivet B. Koleva*, Borislav R Yoshinov, Radoslav R. Yoshinov And Teodora A Asenova

Published: November 10, 2022

Abstract: Osteoarthritis (OA) Is A Socially Important Disease, With A High Level Of Alteration Of The Quality Of Life Of Many Persons. Pain Is A Frequent Symptom Of Several Conditions, Treated With Numerous Drugs. The Goal Of Current Article Is To Remain The Potential Of Physical Factors For Treatment Of Pain (physical Analgesia) And For Functional Recovery. Our Purpose Was To Emphasize The Potential Of Some Contemporary Physical Modalities And To Propose Complex Rehabilitation Algorithms For Pain Management And For Functional Recovery Of OA-patients. Principal Clinical And Instrumental Treatment Methods Are Stated: Electrotherapy (with Low And Middle Frequency Electric Currents); Magnetic Field; Ultrasound; Laser; Hydrotherapy And Balneotherapy (mineral Waters); Physiotherapy (analytic Exercises, Mirror Therapy, Soft-tissue Techniques, Massage), Balneophysiotherapy (underwater Exercises, Swimming); Manual Therapy, Device-assisted Mechano-therapy (passive, Active Or Combined), Robotic Rehabilitation, Etc. In Rehabilitation Practice, For Diagnostic: We Apply Functional Scales, International Classification Of Diseases And International Classification Of Functioning. For Treatment: We Combine Synergically Different Natural And Preformed Physical Modalities. We Insist On The Importance Of Technical Aids (canes, Walking Sticks, Etc.). Authors Recommend Structured Rehabilitation Algorithms For OA-patients, Including Elements Of Preformed Physical Modalities, Physiotherapy, Ergotherapy, And Patient’s Education. We Present Details Of The Application Of These Algorithms On Typical Forms Of Hip And Knee OA, Including After Hip And Knee Arthroplasty. Keywords: Osteoarthritis; Pain; Physical Analgesia; Algorithm; Functional Assessment; Functional Recovery; Physical Medicine; Rehabilitation Abbreviations: ADL: Activities Of Daily Life; ET: Ergotherapy; FES: Functional Electrical Stimulations; IASP: International Association For The Study Of Pain; ICD: International Classification Of Diseases; ICF: International Classification Of Functioning, Disability And Health; IFC: Interferential Currents; MF: Magnetic Field; MTh: Manual Therapy; OA: Osteoarthritis, Osteoarthrosis; OT: Occupational Therapy; PIR: Post-isometric Relaxation; PRM: Physical And Rehabilitation Medicine; PT: Physiotherapy; QF: Quadriceps Femoris Muscle; RoM: Range Of Motion; UEMS: Union Europeenne Des Medecins Specialistes (European Union Of Medical Specialists); US: Ultrasound; VAS: Visual Analogue Scale; WB: Weight Bearing; WHO: World Health Organization; WOMAC: Western Ontario And McMaster Universities Arthritis Index

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