The Art Of The ICU Intubation: Beyond The Airway

Research Article

Author(s): Aaron Lim*, Amanda Williams

Published: October 12, 2021

Abstract: As Anesthesiologists We Are Commonly Consulted For Intubation In The ICU. These Critically Ill Patients Are At High Risk Of Aspiration And Have Varying Degrees Of Cardiovascular And Respiratory Insufficiency. While “intubation” Is The Reason For Consult, Placing The Endotracheal Tube Should Be The Easiest Part Of The Procedure In Expert Hands And Maintaining Stable Hemodynamics Should Be Prioritized. Thus, The True Art In Performing The ICU Intubation Lies In The Preparation, Induction, And Post-intubation Management Of A Patient Unknown To You Just Minutes Prior. Below Are Five Recommendations Highlighting The Finer Points Of The Seemingly Simple Yet Complex Procedure

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