Exploring The Factors Influencing Nurses Work Motivation

Research Article

Author(s): Ibrahim Yahya Alhakami, Omar Ghazi Baker

Published: November 21, 2018

Abstract: Work Motivation Is A Key To Emerge And Enhance The Nurses Satisfaction And Their Work Performance. Accordingly, The Factors That Affect The Work Motivation Among Nurses Became Essential Instruments To Modify And Shape The Work Behaviors Of The Nurses And Its Consequences. Thus, The Current Study Aims To Explore And Describe The Factors That Are Influencing The Nurses Work Motivation In Jeddah, Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia (KSA). Cross-sectional, Descriptive Exploratory Design Is Used With 300 Registered Nurses Who Were Selected By Stratified Proportionate Random Sampling Technique From King Abd El Aziz Governmental Hospital, Jeddah, KSA. The Data Was Collected By Motivation At Work Questionnaire (MWQ), Which Included Five Sections; Four Was Developed By Toode Et Al. In 2015, And One Was Developed By Warr In 1979. Concerning Nurses Personal Factors That Affecting Work Otivation, A Greater Part Of The Study Subjects Has A Significantly Higher Positive Perception In Work Shared Values And The Recognition Of Their Influence On Work. As Well, They Have A High Perception Of Intrinsic Job Motivation Which Considered A Strong Personal Work Motivator. The Study Subjects Perceived Higher Order Need Strength And Determined Their Work Priorities Carefully. Additionally, They Have A High Positive Perception Of Intrinsic Job Characteristics. Besides, The Nurses Have A Significantly Higher Level Of Satisfaction In All Items Within Their Job And Life With A Fair Level Of Happiness. But, They Also, Have A High Self-rated Anxiety Level Which Is Negatively Affected Their Work Motivation. For Organizational Factors, A Few Percents Of The Nurses Have Some Needs In Their Working Condition Such As A Need For Flexible Working Hours, Followed By A Need For Changing Shift With Someone Else.

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