Does Shariah’ Have An Impact On Performing Genetic Screening Test Before Marital Or Pregnancy?

Research Article

Author(s): Sara Gabaren

Published: June 12, 2020     DOI: 10.33552/IJNC.2020.03.000556

Abstract: For The Muslim Arab Population Of Israel, Religion Has A Central Place In Culture And Daily Life. As Of 2018, 57% Of Israeli Arabs Have Defined Themselves As Traditional, And 31% Have Defined Themselves As Highly Religious. The Influence Of Religion Is Felt In Areas Such As Employment And Academic Education [1]. One Issue In Which The Influence Of Religion Has Been Debated Is The Relationship Between Religion And The Conduct Of Hereditary Screenings Among Muslim Arab In Israel. According To [2], On One Hand The Arab Women In Israel Do Not Cite Religion As A Factor Influencing Their Decision To Conduct A Screening Test, And On The Other, A Significant Relationship Between The Degree Of Arab Women’s Religiosity And The Lack Of Responsiveness To Conduct The Screening Test Was Demonstrated.

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