Brutalist Architecture In Taiwan, 1960–1970

Research Article

Author(s): Shinhung Pan

Published: October 13, 2020     DOI: 10.33552/GJES.2020.05.000604

Abstract: In This Paper We Discuss The Origins And Development Of The Brutalist Architecture In Taiwan During The 1960s. It Provides A Detailed Survey Of An Important Yet Little Known Chapter In The Development Of Post-war Modernist Architecture In Taiwan. Based On The Architectonic Analysis, The Buildings Built In The Brutalist Style In Taiwan During The 1960s Can Be Divided Into Two Categories: Concrete Expressionism And Concrete Structuralism. In Addition, It Was Found That There Were Two Main Sources For The Introduction Of Brutalist Architecture Into Taiwan: The Public Works Projects Of The Japanese Colonial Government; American Economic Assistance And Western Missionary Activity During The Post-war Period.

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