Iron Deficiency In Piglet And Economic Impact

Research Article

Author(s): Marco Vinícius Chaud*,Mariana Battaglin Villas Boas Alvaro

Published: November 08, 2019     DOI: 10.33552/AAHDS.2019.01.000524

Abstract: The Economic Impacts In The Production Of Porcine Are Negatively Affected By Iron Deficiency In The Piglets. The Lower Concentration Of Ironheme Decreases The Levels Of Haemoglobin In The Bloodstream And, Consequently, The Oxygen Distribution From Lungs To Tissue Is Damage. The Anaemia Due To Iron Deficiency Is Responsible For Weight Loss, An Increase Of Parasitic, And Infectious Diseases. Many Pharmaceutical And Nutritional Strategies Have Been Adopted To Minimize The Financial Losses Of Pig Farming With A Higher Cost-beneficial, But The Results Are Not Satisfactory; They Are Mediocre. Better Results Could Be Achieved With Haemoglobin-inspired Pharmaceuticals Capable Of Mimetic The Iron- Heme.

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