Antimicrobial Use For The Food Production Animals: Needs & Harms

Research Article

Author(s): Mohamed Ali Alhosani*

Published: December 11, 2019

Abstract: Since Centuries, The Human Is Depending On The Farm Animals As A Source Of Food, Commerce, Transport, And Others, A Thing That Develop The Caring Practice Of The Humans Toward The Animals To Keep Them Safe And Healthy. And With The Progress Of The Time And Existing Of The Alternate Sources, The Purpose Of Having The Farm Animals Is Changed To Be Either For Fun Or Wealth. And For Those Who Have The Interest To Use The Farm Animals As Commercial Source, They Are Facing Several Challenges To Maintain The Health And Life Quality Of The Animals. Therefore, Many Of The Animal Owners Are Biased To Use The Antimicrobial Drugs As A Quick And Affordable Tool To Promote The Growth And Protect The Animals From Microbial Infections. And This Evidenced By Several Documents Reported That Most Of The Antimicrobial Drugs Administrated For Food-producing Animals Are Used As Growth Promoter, Prophylaxis And Metaphylaxis.

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